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The Delta Clan

When war breaks out between the Clan and the Tribes, who will survive and can there ever be peace again?
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 ~The Great Desert~

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Naomi Lynn
Naomi Lynn

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PostSubject: ~The Great Desert~   ~The Great Desert~ Icon_minitimeSat Jun 15, 2013 10:53 pm

That's just it... Desert. No one really knows whats out there because those who go out usually never come back.
~The Great Desert~ Amargosa_desert
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PostSubject: Re: ~The Great Desert~   ~The Great Desert~ Icon_minitimeSun Aug 11, 2013 4:49 am

Shadowfax plodded forward. This is what the Western border was: a desert. There wouldn't be any invaders coming through here. Too dry. Too barren.

Fax rested on the side of a mountain before inhaling. Then he began a coughing fit, having breathed in a lot of dry dust. But he had smelled the pack. He decided to go East, then North, so he could reassure himself that he was in pack lands. He picked up speed down the hill and ran right into the scent of a...


He skidded to a stop, and went back. There was a dry carcass of a wolf, perhaps an intruder, perfectly mummified in the dry sandy gravel. It's gray coat was caked with red dust. Fax shuddered and started running as fast as he could.

To Modoc Cave

I still hunt my prey
Haunted by it every day
A rival, loose on the wind
But soon, the avenger will win

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~The Great Desert~
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