The Delta Clan
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The Delta Clan

When war breaks out between the Clan and the Tribes, who will survive and can there ever be peace again?
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Naomi Lynn
Naomi Lynn

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Gender: Femlae
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PostSubject: -Ranks-   -Ranks- Icon_minitimeSun Jun 16, 2013 1:08 pm

>King and Queen
Click Here For Info:
-Ranks- Wolf-pair-shari-jardina

>Prince and Princess
Click Here For Info:
-Ranks- Wolf%20Pair

>War Chief
Click Here For Info:
-Ranks- Hqdefault

Click Here For Info:
-Ranks- 73426314.86fPEovZ.WolfEnc116WM

>Game Chief
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-Ranks- Wolf-killing-elk

Click Here For Info:
-Ranks- Black-wolf-pack

>Holy Wolf
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-Ranks- Wolf-howling-uk-grey-wolf-conservation-trust

Click Here For Info:
-Ranks- Wolf-pack-howling-med

Click Here For Info:

Click Here For Info:

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The pup sitters. They are kind and playful wolves, and enjoy being around pups. They babysit the pups to provide escape for the other pack members. They often are the ones who take the pups out on adventures.
-Ranks- JLM-wolf_and_pups-%281024x768%29-Ranks- Youzi55,20061218212328

Click Here For Info:
-Ranks- WS4_0043.2

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-Ranks- Omega_Wolf_by_Jack_13

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-Ranks- Wolf
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