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The Delta Clan

When war breaks out between the Clan and the Tribes, who will survive and can there ever be peace again?
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Gender: Femlae
Age: Two years
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PostSubject: ● ☽ кιкισкσ ☾ ●   Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:36 pm


Kiki, Kioko or the Raccoon
100% female
Two years

Desired Rank
She's fine for now.
Delta Clan

Coat Length
Main Pelt Color

Under-Pelt Color

Kikioko is slender in a healthy way, and she is on the smaller side for a female wolf. She has long legs for her to have excellent speed and endurance. Her strength isn't the greatest though.

Kikioko has mint green stripes on her back, and her tail has rings like a raccoon's. (That is why she is often called the Raccoon.) Her tail tip is black, and when it comes to her leg and head markings, I can't seem to describe it. If you would like a reference, click here.

A few claw marks on her left hind leg.

Optics' Hue
The same mint green as her markings.

None as of now.

She has a long tail and large ears.

Rainbows, rain, sunshine, happiness, summer, flowers, pups, peace, horses, blue jays, swimming, doing what she loves.

Violence, chaos, darkness, wounds, fights, direspect, winter, natural disasters.

She would love it if she could get a mate and eventually have pups, but for now she'd happy just the way she is.

She will often go and play with the pups or go swimming. She often goes to howl with the blue jays when they sing, and she loves to sniff the flowers.

Pet Peeves
Wolves who howl all night, and the wolves who are very self-centered.

Overall Personality
Kikioko is a pleasure to have around. She always does what's right and will never give up on anyone; friend or foe, known or unknown. She will do everything in her power to help and protect the clan and keep it alive, even up to fighting, which she hates to do. She would love if the clan and the tribe make peace someday, so she wouldn't have to worry about not waking up in the morning. She is very clever, and if she really wanted to, she could outsmart just about anyone. She is fun and outgoing towards friends, but is a little wary of strangers. She is into all the males, but trust me when I say: she is not a flirt at all.

Birth Family Relations
Kiba - Father - Killed by tribe
Kiwi - Mother - Died when having another litter
Koda - Brother - Unknown
Miwok - Partner - Alive

When Kikioko was born, she was a brown wolf with green eyes. And a white underpelt. Born from a scout (Kiba-father) and a nanny (Kiwi-mother), Kiki gained those talents quickly. It was just her and her brother, Koda, who survived birth; the rest of their siblings died either during birth or in the womb. The pack that Kiki and Koda were large and organized, and the leaders were very fair. It was two years before the Great War broke out, and at that time the tribe and the pack actually helped each other. The hunters were always assisting the tribe with hunting, the warriors and guards were helping to protect the village, and the healers and the tribe's healer were working together to cure both humans and wolves alike. Everyone was helping each other out, and life was great. At a yearling age, Kikioko was old enough to finally meet some of the tribe members and begin training to help take part in the pack-tribe. She grew really close to the tribe's messenger, Miwok. They help each other with sending messages to other tribes and keeping track of the area. They became so close that one day Miwok (also a great painter) painted the markings on Kiki that she has to this day. They were tribe symbols of trust, loyalty, and friendship; Miwok also used permanent ink. Several months later, the Great War broke out. Miwok would never let anyone ever hurt Kiki, and he knew she was innocent and that she'd never commit a crime. He ran off with her, pretty far off, so she'd know to not come back. She Kiki understood that. She watched as Miwok ran off, back toward the tribe's village.

Best Friend
None as of now.

Naomi Lynn


None, and hopefully it'll stay this way.

Arch Enemy
None, and hopefully it'll stay this way.

Everyone else.

Not yet.

None, but hopefully in the future.

None, but hopefully in the future.

Elk, bison, rabbit, and sometimes berries.

In spring, she sneezes a lot due to the smell of dry grass.

Is Allergic To
She cannot eat any vegetation (besides certain berries), otherwise she'll fall terribly sick.

Favorite Colors
Pink, purple, and cyan.

Favorite Animal (Besides Wolves)
Blue jays

Loves to!

Date Joined (Website)
June 15, 2013

Date Accepted (In RP)
June 16, 2013

Favorite Activity
Swimming and doing her pack job.

Theme Song
I Can Walk On Water I Can Fly - Basshunter (I think)

Please come again soon for the updates!


Thanks for the avatar, Naomi Lynn! I love it!

[Biography] [My Corner] [WolfQuest] [FeralHeart] [DeviantART]

Wolf eyes (c) me
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Gender: Male
Age: 4
Rank: Troop :D

PostSubject: Re: ● ☽ кιкισкσ ☾ ●   Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:52 am

Great bio, Kikioko!

I still hunt my prey
Haunted by it every day
A rival, loose on the wind
But soon, the avenger will win

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Female Posts : 175

Character sheet
Gender: Femlae
Age: Two years
Rank: Foxtrotter

PostSubject: Re: ● ☽ кιкισкσ ☾ ●   Sat Jun 29, 2013 8:39 pm

Thanks yas.~


Thanks for the avatar, Naomi Lynn! I love it!

[Biography] [My Corner] [WolfQuest] [FeralHeart] [DeviantART]

Wolf eyes (c) me
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PostSubject: Re: ● ☽ кιкισкσ ☾ ●   

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● ☽ кιкισкσ ☾ ●
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