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 Imagine living like a king someday......

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PostSubject: Imagine living like a king someday......   Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:15 pm

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The Basics
Name: Imogen
Nickname: Imo, Gen, Genny
Age: 2'1 years of a
Gender: Female all the way.
Rank: Windrunner
The Soul
When met with Imogen you will see her overall well balanced nature, mentally she is a stable wolf and is notably down to earth in most situations. Friendly to those she meets and interested in sparking conversation she can be viewed as friendly as well as a talkative wolf. Like most young wolves she is open to play and games and can be just as energetic and joyful as she can cool, calm and collected. She'll remain quite and sometimes will seem to be in a world of her own, but in fact she though she may seem distant she is usually imminently present and really taking everything else in, at other times she will be fully engaged and really into a conversation and her excitement through such things near enough always demonstrated through a change in her voice such as speaking a little quicker.

History: Being born into a great big pack, and being one of the Alpha’s pups isn’t as great as you’d think it would be.  Especially when you’re father was a mean, demanding brute, who wanted Warriors instead of a Scout, who ran around and watched things. Phoenix wanted a something that wasn’t like his eldest Daughter, Imogen. He expected something..much more. Her mother,  Azalea, though, didn’t mind having a loving Daughter. It was different…In the Titans pack, it was rare to see a wolf who cared, who smiled, and laughed despite the wars that would take place.
Imogen was treated well, as she should have, though it was her Father’s disappointment that really bugged her. She didn’t understand why he didn’t appreciate her. Here she was, working her tail off learning about running, and how to watch, take notice of little things from the Runner of that pack, and he didn’t even give her a second glance, not a lick to the head in praise, not even a nod which would have been enough. She had no  clue of how to get his attention, so she just simply watched as her Brother, Kar, her Sister, Jennezia, and the youngest of the three, her little sister, Calla, grow stronger, learning to use their teeth correctly, how to ‘listen to their instincts’ and the rules of the wilderness. It was maddening. To see her younger siblings have what she didn’t. They had their Father’s attention. Imogen was sure her father loved her, though it was really his…focus she wanted. Imo wanted her Father to see how hard she was working, and that’d she could protect the pack, by  watching out for them, watching the elders and pups And the Rival wolves. That she was just as important was her siblings.  But of course Imogen never got that…because in the Titans pack, it was all about strength and power.  
Growing older, the more it became clear that Imogen wanted her Father’s approval. The whole pack could see it. Phoenix probably did too, though he didn’t try and show it. He just, did as he always did, watched his three youngsters become Warriors, ignoring his Daughter who had chosen the path of the Runners.

Now, I suppose you can see how this all ended. Imogen had enough. Sure, she loved her family and pack dearly, but she left. Imogen stayed a few miles away, and every day she hoped, and waited for her father’s howl, begging her to come back. To watch out for  them as they fought Rival packs, to watch and care for the pups and Elders, to use the knowledge of fighting, which was little amount, to protect them. But his howl never came. Her mother’s, yes, but never her fathers. This simply wasn’t good enough for Imogen.
It had to be Phoenix’s. A few weeks passed by, and Genny finally got the clue, that her father would never howl to her. So she left the temporary den she found and hasn’t ever looked back.

Likes: Running, watching, sleeping, Dogs, pups..
Dislikes: Humans. She's okay with the dogs, but not humans.
The Reflection:
Imogen isn't the largest wolf in build, though the length her fur can make this somewhat deceiving. Her fairly average physique makes her quite a little all-rounder.

Eye color: Believe it or not, Imogen was blood red eyes. They're rather large, giving her a puppy look, but don't let the fool you. This is no puppy.

Fur and Color: At first glance one will see a sterling example of a Artic wolf demonstrated in Imogen. Her pelt, a dense and insulating coat that shrouds her entire is long soft to the touch, its nature such that it masks her physical outline and gives the impression that she is exceptionally fluffy. When met with Imogen it is easy to consider her a pure white wolf however those who are more observant with notice the flecks of back and grey that speckle her back, clustering around the tops of her shoulder blades. These minute markings scarcely are noticeable, most buried within the depth of her otherwise unbroken ivory fur never being more than a half a centimeter in diameter. One will also notice the patch of grey just above her nose and freckles of the same hue under her muzzle. It should also be noted that when her fur is wet or in the right light it takes on a creamy taint.

Accessories: None of the sort.
The Connections:
Family: Azalea: Mother: Unknown
Father: Phoenix: Father: Unknown
Siblings; Kar: Brother: Unknown. Jennezia: Sister: Unknown
Calla: Sister: Unknown

Friends: Everyone
Enemies: Everyone....
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Character sheet
Gender: Male
Age: 2 and a Half Years
Rank: Wetnurse

PostSubject: Re: Imagine living like a king someday......   Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:01 pm

Welcome Imogen! Good to have you here!~ ;3
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Imagine living like a king someday......
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