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When war breaks out between the Clan and the Tribes, who will survive and can there ever be peace again?
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PostSubject: _~*~_Stefano_~*~_   Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:54 pm

Name: Stefano Moretti
Nicknames: Stef, Stefa, Fano, Ano.
Age: 2 years
Gender: Male
Rank: Currently a loner
Breed: Gray wolf/Italian wolf mix

Coat Length: 2 inches
Pelt Colour: A dark brown
Eye Colour: A greenish-brown
Markings and Designs: His fur gets darker on his face, paws, and back, but lighter on his chest and belly.
Scars and Scratches: None yet
Wolf Build: Small and skinny.

Main Personality Points: Friendly | Stubborn | Short-tempered | Playful
On the Surface: When you first meet him, Stefano may seem a bit cold, but he is mostly just shy. He is generally quiet for the first few times you talk to him. He usually appears calm to those who don't know him very well. He will usually do whatever you want, not wanting to disappoint you, and just wanting to be your friend, as long as he doesn't hate it too much.
A Look Inside: As you get to know Stefano better, he gradually reveals his true self. His true self being more friendly, outgoing, and kinder. However, he is also more stubborn, stating his opinion and wants more than he had before. Also, he shows his short temper more often now that you have become his friend. But, he will also be playful at times, and might even get a little crazy, as long as he thinks it is at the right time and place.
Deeper In His Heart:  Oh boy, if Stefano considers you to be his best friend, you are a pretty lucky wolf, my friend. He will treat his best friend almost the same as the rest of his friends, but will be more affectionate towards his best friend. He will also talk to his best friend more often, and will get crazier and more playful with his best friend than he will with his other friends
Wolf Likes: Running, talking with those he knows, getting his way, respect.
Wolf Dislikes: Doing things he hates, annoying wolves, nosy wolves, bloody wars, evil wolves, wolves who trick him, being teased.
Wolf Fears: Losing those he loves, his family or friends being hurt, war, being in huge danger, fire.
Wolf Strengths: He can run quite fast.
Wolf Weaknesses: He is a little small, and his short-temper can cause him to do things he shouldn't.
Wolf Habits: Running when he is alone
Wolf Talents: Running fast, I suppose.

Parents: Giovanni-Father-Unknown Vita-Mother-Unknown
Siblings: Flavio-Brother-Unknown
Pups: None
Best Bud: Flavio was his best friend.
Friends: None
Enemies: None
Crush: None
Mate: None

Extra: He has an Italian accent.
Extra: WIP
Reference: Well...there are a bunch of pictures of him throughout my bio if you look.

Stefano and his brother, Flavio, were the pups of Giovanni and Vita, two loners. They lived as normal wolves would, but they lacked the protection of a pack. The family of four was at times attacked by other wolves looking for an easy meal, or other woodland animals. But Giovanni and Vita always managed to keep their pups safe from harm. Soon Stefano and Flavio were getting older, and their parents began to teach them the basics of hunting, fighting, and the sort. Both of the young wolves were good at everything, but Flavio was particularly good at hunting, while Stefano was more of a fighter, able to use his swiftness to dodge attacks, and get in his own quickly. The two were both evenly matched at running, often racing each other to see who was faster, but it almost always resulted in a tie.

Stefano and Flavio had become yearlings after a while, and often accompanied their parents on hunts, and could fight to defend themselves from other animals. The two enjoyed the new freedom, and sometimes they would go off hunting with each other, competing to see who could find the most prey. Other times, the brothers would go off and explore the world around them, eager to see what there was to see.

One day while Stefano and Flavio were out exploring, dark clouds began to cover the sky. At that time they were trekking across an open field. Stefano, noticing the sun's warm rays disappear, looked up at the sky. Afraid that it might begin to rain or even storm, he and Flavio turned back. They were almost back to the forest that they lived in, when a light drizzle began to fall from the smoky gray clouds above.

Soon it started to rain harder, but luckily the two were in the shelter of the trees by then. It was raining at a good pace, when suddenly it became a downpour, the large drops pushing through the leaves of the trees and splattering across the fur of Stefano and Flavio. The brothers picked up their own pace to a run, and tried to get back to where their parents were waiting in the hard, cold rain, and succeeded.

By then, the first flash of lightning ripped across the dark sky, followed by a deafening boom of thunder. The family of wolves looked around for better shelter, and huddled underneath a few bushes, hoping that it would do for now. And yes, then bushes were fine shelter for them, but the forest however, was not. Another scraggly hand of lightning split the sky again, this time grabbing a tree close to where Stefano and the rest where taking shelter, and the tree burst into flames.

Soon the fire reached the other trees around them, and the wolves darted out from the bushes and ran, trying to see in the pelting rain. With panic driving them, and limited sight, the wolves all ran in different directions. After what seemed like hours of running, Stefano finally made it out of the flaming forest. He kept running, then stopped, panting, and looked around for his family. His heart skipped a beat when he didn't see anyone around him.

Stefano began to race around the area outside of the forest, frantically looking for his family. He couldn't possibly have lost them! After a few minutes of searching around the forest, the young wolf bravely ran back into the blazing woods, desperate to find Giovanni, Vita, and Flavio. However, his search within the forest was soon halted by a bunch of flaming branches blocking his way. Stefano sprinted back out from among the trees, expecting to see his family waiting for him. But the only thing that greeted him once he was outside of the forest was rain and thunder.

Frightened, shocked, and heartbroken, Stefano suddenly took off across the empty field, wanting to get away from the horrible monster that had taken him away from his family. He kept running on and on, until finally he could run no more, and collapsed under a clump of trees. The rain was starting let up now, and the wolf, exhausted, slipped into sleep.

When he woke up, the moon and stars were shining bright in the night sky. Stefano started to call out his brother's name, but reality rushed back to him. His brother was not with, and neither was his mother or father. The wolf jumped to his paws. He had to go back and find them. Surely they had escaped?

He started sprinting across the field, back in the direction of the burnt forest. When he finally reached it, he looked around, and began calling out names. But no matter how many times he howled for them, how loud he called out, or how much he longed for them to come, his family did not appear.

Stefano began to whimper as warm, salty tears began to drip down from his eyes and run down his cheeks. But the wolf refused to believe that his family had died in the terrible accident. He knew that they had to be alive. They had to have had made it. Flavio, Giovanni, and Vita were all out there somewhere, and it is now Stefano's duty to find them.

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PostSubject: Re: _~*~_Stefano_~*~_   Fri Aug 09, 2013 3:14 pm

Welcome to the pack, Stefano! Persona 3 is an awesome game. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: _~*~_Stefano_~*~_   Fri Aug 09, 2013 4:42 pm

Welcome Stefano, now we can be friends beyond the fourth wall!
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PostSubject: Re: _~*~_Stefano_~*~_   Fri Aug 09, 2013 11:24 pm

Welcome Stefano-san (sounds like I'm mixing Italian and Japanese together, LoLs)!!! I really like your theme song!! Sorry, I'm a bit hyper right now!!! I strangely get like this when I plan to stay up late and it's like 12:30!!!! Hahaha, nice to meet ya!! Can't wait to roleplay with you!!!!!!! ^.^

~*~All the strangers in the world are the friends I haven't met yet.~*~

Click this link, if you dare.  Wink
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PostSubject: Re: _~*~_Stefano_~*~_   Sat Aug 10, 2013 10:48 am

Thanks you guys!! xD Ashoka...le hyper wolfy...xD

Can't wait to meet all of you in le roleplay!
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PostSubject: Re: _~*~_Stefano_~*~_   

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