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The Delta Clan

When war breaks out between the Clan and the Tribes, who will survive and can there ever be peace again?
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Naomi Lynn
Naomi Lynn

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PostSubject: ~Kennebec Tribe~   ~Kennebec Tribe~ Icon_minitimeSat Jun 15, 2013 10:33 pm

This is the Kennebec Tribe's homeland where they live all their lives. Wolves were once welcomed on to the land, but after the falling out and the start of the war. Any wolf who ventures onto this land is asking for death.
~Kennebec Tribe~ Native-americans-01
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PostSubject: Re: ~Kennebec Tribe~   ~Kennebec Tribe~ Icon_minitimeFri Aug 30, 2013 6:19 am

Shadowfax slowly padded up the hill. At the crest, he lay down, parting the tall grass to look through. As usual, the bipeds were doing something strange, jumping and waving things around. There were red and black and white things waving around, with bright orange and yellow colors on strips of material. Then they whooped wildly and commenced to jump over the fire and run around as if they were crazy. Then, for the first time, Fax noticed a few piles of straw, in which they threw their spears. Fax was scared, but he stayed, trying to figure out what they were preparing for. He observed their adorned heads as painted material, bird feathers, and fur fell off. Their arms were adorned, as well. Suddenly, there seemed to be a gathering. Some of them were isolated from the others, and these took off all their adornings and put on new, plain clothing. They were given plain spears and furry necklaces, Fax supposed for good luck. Then the others started their maniac dancing and hollering, while the smaller, plain, unadorned group started to sneak off, into the grass. Fax realized that he could just barely see them. They crept off in the direction of where Shadowfax came from, then arose from their original stance and began running, not looking back. Shadowfax turned around and began running with them, then sped up, his stocky legs routinely thumping the ground, and his body he kept low. He took the all-around way, keeping them in his sight for a while. Then, suddenly, they stopped, looking in his direction. Fax continued to run, but one of them threw his spear at him, grazing his left back leg. It pained. But he figured, he could run very fast, then slow down when they threw, or trot, then speed up. He chose speeding up. Sure enough, they threw another spear at him. He slowed down, and flinched as the spear hit the ground just in front of him. But he shook it off and casually leaped over the spear and ran on. The bipeds seemed to change their minds about him; the wolf was running away after all. They continued their run-- in the direction of where the pack was. Fax ran harder, ignoring the pain in his leg. His job, as a troop, was to protect his pack from all danger, no matter what the cost. And so he ran.

-To Pasaic Plain-

I still hunt my prey
Haunted by it every day
A rival, loose on the wind
But soon, the avenger will win

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~Kennebec Tribe~
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