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The Delta Clan

When war breaks out between the Clan and the Tribes, who will survive and can there ever be peace again?
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 ~Queen Naomi Lynn: The Domesticated~

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Naomi Lynn
Naomi Lynn

Female Posts : 111

Character sheet
Gender: Femlae
Age: 3 years
Rank: Queen

~Queen Naomi Lynn: The Domesticated~ Empty
PostSubject: ~Queen Naomi Lynn: The Domesticated~   ~Queen Naomi Lynn: The Domesticated~ Icon_minitimeSat Jun 15, 2013 11:45 pm

~Queen Naomi Lynn: The Domesticated~ 3164325
~Queen Naomi Lynn: The Domesticated~ _mother_and_daughter_time__by_eboniz-d6bp9fo

~Queen Naomi Lynn: The Domesticated~ 3164329
Naomi Lynn
Naomi, Nay, Lynn, Dark (Close Friends Only)
3 years

~Queen Naomi Lynn: The Domesticated~ 3164332
Naomi Lynn has a regal personality to go with her rank. She is a noble and free-spirited wolf with wisdom beyond her years. Trying to be the best and fairest Queen, she offers kindness and guidance to all those around her no matter what. She loves to adventure and loves peace, which is why the war hurts her so. She wishes nothing more then to stop the war and go back to having peace on the plains.
Naomi Lynn was actually lost as a pup and raised by a teenage boy in the Kennebec Tribe. Sadly after about two years the boy died of disease, leaving Naomi heart broken. She wanted nothing more then to stay by her master's grave, but soon after the war broke out and she was force to run from the only home she had ever known. Lost in the woods and traveling the plains alone, she ran into a male loner and fell in love. One night they laid together, but when she woke up his was gone. Feeling broken again, she countied traveling until she found she was pregnant. Happy beyond belief she decided to get in touch with her wild roots and start her own clan for the safety of her and her pup and maybe even help stop the war.
• Humans
• Being Clean
• Rain
• Pups
• Strong Males w/ a Soft Side XD
• War
• Chaos
• Anything Threatening Her Clan

~Queen Naomi Lynn: The Domesticated~ 3164336
She is taller then the average wolf and has a very light frame. Her fur is slick and short, but feels like silk.
Fur Color
Almost all solid ebony, except for her left ear which is as white as snow.
Eye Color
Baby Blue
Blue Feathers Behind Left Ear

Blue Tribal Paint Circle Around Left Eye
~Queen Naomi Lynn: The Domesticated~ 3164337
Slate -Father -Deceased
Bella -Mother -Deceased
Corlissa -Sister -Unknown
Lilyana -Daughter- Alive
None Yet~
None Yet~
None Yet~
Everybody not listed~

~Queen Naomi Lynn: The Domesticated~ 3164338
Favorite Color
Theme Song

Other Facts
• She loves flowers, rainbows, and ladybugs
• She can hell to mess with when angry

~Queen Naomi Lynn: The Domesticated~ NLRefcopy
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~Queen Naomi Lynn: The Domesticated~
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