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When war breaks out between the Clan and the Tribes, who will survive and can there ever be peace again?
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PostSubject: -Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:.   -Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:. Icon_minitimeFri Aug 16, 2013 5:11 pm

-Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:. Coolte15
-Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:. 10108712

Ross, Rossy, Rosc.

Three years curretly
50% Eurasian Timber || 50% Arctic
Roamer For now
Delta Clan
-Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:. Coolte16
-Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:. Amulet12
Ross is larger than the average male, mainly because he has long powerful legs. His frame is only slight braoder than the comman adult male. Roscoe's build was designed for brute power,with a large muzzle full of long sharp ivorois, to his wide paws to support his structure. Along with his broad paws, he has long and sturdy talons for traction, making him sure footed and able to be agile with a long frame.  Roscoe has ears a tad larger than the average size, his senses are more sesitive than others. While much of his body is longer or larger than it should be, his tail is no acception. It's quite long, the tail-tip touching the ground.
Fur Texture:
Like many creatures, Roscoe has two coats. His under-coat which is short, soft, and lush. It traps heat in winter and contain cool air in summer, keeing Roscoe content year round. As for his outter layer, it's arounf medium length. It's sleek silky texture helps it repel water, but eventually the liquid will slowly seep through. The fur on Roscoe's long canine tail, is much longer than his average coat length. Making his tail look fluffed and feathery.
Fur Color:
Roscoe's under coat is actually a rich smokey-ash shade, it covers his body. Yet of course, is not visible due to his onyx black over layer hidding it. Also, Ross sestained many injuries, eventually each healed, and over the scar grew snow white fur. His under ash layer is full of scattered white slashes. His scars and grey-smoke inner coat is only visible when Rosc is soaking wet and his black pelt reveals grey/white slithers. As for his outter pelt, as I've mentioned it is ebony. However on his chest he has a very large wite splotch, he's had this odd mark since birth. As he grew older the white mark shrunk, until his battles. He often got injured on his chest, making it scar over often. Eventually the scars took over the area and the new white fur broke to the top, making his white mark large once more.
Eye Color:
Roscoe has a deep pair of emerald eyes, filled with scattered flecks or bright honey and light blue-grey. However, as the flecks are always visible, you can seen them better in the bright sunlight or light by the luminous moon.
The only marking On Roscoe is his large white mark encasing much of his broad chest.
Scars cover his body, yet are rarely seen.
-Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:. Coolte18
-Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:. Black-11
  Roscoe is a very diverse creature, he cares deeply about respect. He is sure to show respect to any who show it to him, whether you are his leader or the lowest ranked. This masculine canid is truely in touch with nature, he often travels off alone to be surrounded by pure nature. He loves being with the wood dwelling creatures, if he sees an injured doe; he would try to help. Not hunt it down like most canines would, he tries to help all who needs it. Ross is brave, loyal, and very head strong; once he puts his mind to somehting he doesn't give up. It's his devotion that has kept him going this whole time, he blieves if you think you can succeed then you shall. 
Ross' hearing, scent, and sight are more sensitive than many wolves. Once he hears a movement he can usually desipher it's build and strengths by the way it moves and sounds. Although since his past was bad, it takes time to earn his trust; once you earn it and lose it you'll never get it back. Since Rosc is so protective he is always on alert yet never shows it, he does not growl, bare teeth, nor bristle his fur. The masculine simply stares and watches the others movements, while Rosc looks relaxed he will be ready to bound if needed. He is truely intelligent and uses his witts instead of his strength to take care of battles. Although Ross may be highly intelligent, he still loves expanding his knowledge of any subject. His curiosity easily gets the best of him, which often happens when he wanders off to be alone. He devises plans quickly and desiphers wolves easily and diversly when first meeting.
 Although it may take time for this male to warm up to you, he's a sucker for pups and yearlings. He may be emotionless around adults, but once he sets his emerald gaze on a young canid, he won't hesistate to make the first play-bow. He enjoys protecting those her cares for, and if he cares deeply enough he will share stories or answer questions of his past. Yet, if you are not that close he most likely won't tell you anything of his life. If Ross becomes mad and/or upset the only way to calm him is if he plays with a young wolf, and travels off into the wilderness. Since he spends so much with the forest dwelling creatures, he usually finds out their likes and dislike; he finds more out about them than he finds out about other wolves.
He may enjoy hunting and fishing, but he will not kill and injured creature just to do so. He only kills what he needs to survive, once he wittneses a death or in responsible for one he always does something helpful for the land. Simply bury a seed, help a creature, share his food; since the land gave to him, he returns the favor. Rocsoe treats all equal, whether you are in his pack, or a random fox trotting past the land. Help, respect, unique, devotion, and kindness are just few words to describe this he-wolf. Also he is often called "Charming or Flirtatious" which are two words Ross does not agree with, yes he is usually much nicer to she-wolves; but only because he misses the one he onced loved. She may have caused much pain to Rosc, but he did love her, and when he see's any personality from his former mate in anyother female he begins to be nicer without really knowing it. Yet, Roscoe is sure he has fallen in love and it wont happen again.
   Two young alphas around the age of three, had just taken the throne of their pack. One is the fair alphess, Kestrel, a mahogany Eurasian timber. And alpha Falcon, a strong snow white Arctic wolf. The two crossed paths when Falcon began to move south for warmer weather. Once he came across Kestrel and her birth pack, he wished to stay. The two became good friends and soon became the beta pair. Kestrel soon challenged her mother and won, and Falcon challenged Kestrel's father, winning leadership. Kestrel's parents may have lost leadership, but gained respect and pride in their daughter. The duo ruled fairly and kindly, then once spring dawned the land so did a new generation of pups. Three healthy young wolves, Roscoe-a deep obsidian, Amulet- a light brown, and knight-a Dusty grey. One day the leading pair desired to take the pups around the land, the family set off.
   Soon Kestrel heard crunching twigs coming closer, the pair protected their litter. But soon the adults were collapsed on the ground, the pups were in a metal cage, and a strange new scent lingered in the air. After hours of traveling by land and sea, the trip came to an end. The alphas regained consciousness and all five were let loose into new wilderness, but where were they? Humans have captured the group and taken them to Porcupine Mountains wilderness state park, in Michigan. The family of five managed to strive and create a new pack within about 8 months.
   Roscoe and his brood was now one year, and he still remembers the scent of the creature who brought him here. He often thinks of why they were brought here, but he's happy, lots of food and other wolves roam here. The three siblings grew and learned from the elder aged canids. At a year and 3 months, Roscoe's parents welcomed a five year old wolf with a daughter of one year and nine months. Roscoe was suddenly struck with an odd off feeling, he had fallen for her. She was a grey-honey shaded timber wolf named Soiel (so-lay). Soiel and her mother were imported from France, and had just arrived. Roscoe's parents welcomed all with open arms, including Soiel. Roscoe offered to show her around, the two grew close over the course of three months. Falling for one another easily, however, Roscoe's brother Knight was fond of the dame as well.
   Knight ambushed his brother, leaving him brutally injured. The 1 and 1/2 year old Knight mated with his brother's love, two year old Soiel. He challenged his parents and then soon ruled, forcing Roscoe and his parents to flee. Kestrel, Falcon, and Roscoe wasn't sure how Knight became so ruthless. Heart broken, the young Roscoe began to search for a new den are for he and his parents. Over the course of a year, the trio had grown a small stable pack. Simultaneously, Knight and Soiel's pack is about the same size. Although the large powerful Roscoe could over throw his father, he did not wish to. Falcon was a wonderful leader, and the pack respected him.
One day, all members were doing their average schedule. Suddenly the normal day's feeling was gone, the pack scouts fiercely and swiftly darted to the den to really the guards, what was happening? Knight found them. And he's going the finish what he started. Knight's powerful clan rushed into the land Roscoe now called home, many members recognized kestrel, Falcon, and Roscoe and did not wish to fight them. But Knight forced them to, full of merciless rogue wolves, battles broke out. Knight and Soiel chargered for Kestrel and Falcon, Roscoe fought off former pack members and darted towards the savage pair. But he was too late, his brother and former love, has killed Roscoe's mother.
Full of anger and rage, Roscoe rushed and attacked Knight. Striking repeatedly until Knight was soon motionless, Roscoe injured his brother's limbs then suffocated him. He then looked at Soiel, the one he once loved. His destined mate stolen by his brother, she was now savage like Knight and was attacking Falcon. Roscoe wasn't ready to lose both of his parents, he tackled Soiel and began fighting viciously. Soon both packs stopped their squabbling at the high pitched whine of Soiel, the last sound the timber would ever make.
Falcon limped to his son, proud and saddened. His son and mate are now gone, but Roscoe has proven to be a well leader. The father and son heard a barking whine, it was Amulet, Roscoe's sister. She was not chased from Knights pack and lived there. Now reunited with her brother and father, yet sad seeing her brother and mother die. The trio of wolves began to howl, mourning the loses. And both packs soon joined. Over the next two months the wolves were working things out, the clan became one. All wanting Roscoe to lead, however the masculine had other ideas. He was two years and two months, wishing to leave the land.
Roscoe set off on a personal journey, leaving his father and sister in charge. The large wolf was on the move, jumping from land to land for around 10 months. Roscoe soom came to a new land, one that spoke to him. The large three year old male sensed he should stay, so now he roams where the Delta clan calls home.
|| Star Gazing || Cloud Watching || Howling late at night || Hunting || Protecting || Respect || Kindness || Pups || Love || Nature || Forest dwelling creatures || Loyalty || Being Alone || Helping || Learning more || All seasons, especially Autumn and Spring || Teaching || Soiel || Sun bathing || Kind, Respected, and Beautiful Females || Guarding || Leadership || Devotion || Simple things in life ||
|| Disrespect || Fighting for no reason || Killing with out purpose || Cocky Wolves || Wolves who don't do their part in  the pack || Threats to his pack || Mistreatment|| Lying || Being crowded by strangers ||
|-Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:. Coolte19|
-Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:. Fenris11
Soiel {So-lay} -Deceased
-Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:. Coolte20
-Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:. The_bl11
Best Friends:
-Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:. Black_11
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PostSubject: Re: -Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:.   -Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:. Icon_minitimeFri Aug 16, 2013 6:57 pm

Great bio there, Roscoe!

I still hunt my prey
Haunted by it every day
A rival, loose on the wind
But soon, the avenger will win

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PostSubject: Re: -Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:.   -Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:. Icon_minitimeSat Aug 17, 2013 12:44 pm

Welcome to le pack, Roscoe! Can't wait to meet you in the rp! I like your bio too ^^
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PostSubject: Re: -Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:.   -Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:. Icon_minitimeSat Aug 17, 2013 7:28 pm

Great BIO Roscoe, your a wolf to be respected.
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PostSubject: Re: -Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:.   -Roscoe- .:The Diverse Traveler:. Icon_minitimeSun Aug 18, 2013 9:48 am

Ahh, my apologies for being a little late, but welcome to the pack Roscoe, I really hope you enjoy it here! ^^
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